I just feel like being narcissistic tonight, okay?

new hair!

In the spirit of Halloween <3

Some nights, I just feel really pretty. Tonight is one of those nights <3 

My tattoos: Oldest to newest, location, and meaning
My tattoos: oldest to newest, location, and meaning.

1. Slipknot “S”, left forearm, the band that changed my life. I’m a maggot, and I’m proud!

2. Bats, chest, I FUCKING LOVE BATS. They’re odd and under-appreciated, just like me.

3. Red heart, right ribcage, meant to symbolize myself in my current relationship.

4. Blue heart, left ribcage, symbolizes my boyfriend. His favorite color is blue.

5. Black Widow, left arm- I’m TERRIFIED of spiders. I thought to myself, “What better way to get over a fear, than having to face it everyday?”

6. Skull & 3 roses, right forearm, TATTOO GUINEA PIG for an old friend. Had no meaning at the time, but upon reflection, I dedicated it to my grandmother, grandfather, and baby nephew. All dead.

7. “He opened his eyes and smiled” with 2 hummingbirds, inner bicep on right arm- I got this tattoo for my dad. It’s a bit of a sad story for me to tell, but I’ll give it a try. I went to visit my dad at his home in Soldotna, Alaska, back in March. We’ve never really had a relationship, and he wanted to see me, but was too sick to make the trip himself. A few days after I got there, we had a conversation about tattoos. He was explaining to me how he wanted one, but he didn’t think any tattoo shops in the area would tattoo him because of his illness. He went to Ecuador with his mom, significant other, and a few other of his family members, as a vacation, but ended up having a terrible seizure that affected his vision and memory. While in Ecuador, he visited a medicine man for treatment of cancer. During his visit with this man, they started a fire and ended up doing some trippy drugs and my dad started hallucinating. During his trip, the medicine man told him to look into the fire, and when it went out, tell him what he had seen. My father told me that he saw a hummingbird rising out of the flames. Sort of like a Mayan cave drawing, only with vivid, vibrant colors. My dad wanted to get an interpretation of his vision tattooed, but he told me that if he couldnt get it before he died, he would like me to. I promised him I would. So that’s where the hummingbirds came from.

Here’s the part about the quote, and the painful part for me. My dad died of terminal brain cancer on May 25th of this year. That day, I had received an email from my dad’s girlfriend dated on the 23rd of May, in the email, she said she and my dad were proud of me for getting an interview at the tattoo shop I was looking to get into. Towards the end of the email, she said that my dad had lost pretty much all of his motor skills and could barely recognize her when she talked to him. None of his pain killers were stopping his headaches, so they had to up his dosage of Morphine. She said he wasn’t doing too well, and she didn’t think he would be here much longer. Launie wrote that she read out loud, an email that was from me. My last words being “I love you.” And she said that when she read to him that I loved him, he opened his eyes and smiled.

My dad died the very minute I read that email, and it broke my heart. I get sad sometimes, but it hasn’t really kicked in that he passed away. My tattoo is a fond memory of my dad ♥

8. KALAMITY, knuckles- I finally love myself enough to be proud of who I am. So I had my name put in my skin forever.


new boots &lt;3

new boots <3

trying to figure out poses to show off my curves, but I just dont think I&#8217;m getting it :( fully body photos arent easy

trying to figure out poses to show off my curves, but I just dont think I’m getting it :( fully body photos arent easy

Hello, Tumblr &lt;3

Hello, Tumblr <3

decided to share a shitty cellphone picture :]

decided to share a shitty cellphone picture :]